Passive Components

American Zettler
Relays: General Purpose, Automotive, Power, Solar, Telecom, Solid State, and DP contactors
Transformers: Power, High-Frequency, Linear & Sealed Toroids, Current Sensors, Chokes and Custom Magnetics


Custom LC and crystal filters

Standard crystal, monolithic, SAW, EMI/RFII, lumped element, cavity and strip line filters, oscillators

Johanson Dielectrics and Johanson Technology

Ceramic general purpose capacitors.  SMT and leaded, High voltage,

High temp, Low Inductance, X2Y EMI filtering, Switch-mode caps

High frequency ceramic devices: High-Q capacitors, SLC, MLC,
RF chip & wire-wound inductors, chip antennas, baluns, couplers, custom solutions

United Chemi-Con

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors; Suface Mount, Radial, Snap-in, Screw mount


All Flex
Flexible heaters

Single, double, multi-layer flexible circuits; Maxi-Flex (>24” i length) and rigid flexible circuits.

High temperature flexible circuits.  USA manufacturing


JAE Electronics

High density interconnect solutions:

Board to Board; Board to Cable; Board to Flex;

Memory card and module connectors;

Rectangular, circular, fiber optic


EESeal® connector inserts for EMI/RFI and transient protection.

24-hr proto and 2-week production lead times

Esterline Connection Technologies

(aka - Souriau & Sunbank)

Harsh environment connectors for Aviation, Mil/Aero, Industrial, Transportation.

QPL circulars, ARINC, rectangular, push-pull, sealed circulars. 

Sunbank connector back shells, connector accesories, conduit.

SV Microwave

RF/microwave connectors, cable assemblies and components

Threaded, bayonet, blind mate, VITA and customized solutions.  

High frequency, high reliability, high performance: Mil/Aero/space.

Semi-rigid & low-loss flex assemblies and complex harness builds.

Human Machine Interface

Emerging Display Technologies

LCD modules: Mono/color; Character and graphic, TFT

Capacitive touch panels

Switches: Rotary, Push Button, DIP, Toggle, Rocker & Slide Switches, Sealed switches,
Touch solutions: Multi-touch, Optical bonding.

Encoders, I/O Modules, Keypads, Custom operator interface assemblies

Computing and Storage


Single-board computers, Computer modules, Motherboards.

Industrial computer systems, Rack mount computers, Panel mount computers.

Vertical market platforms for Medical, Tablet and POS applications.


Embedded Solid State Drives for Industrial and Long-Life Applications:

MLC and SLC, 2.5”, 1.8”, Slim SATA, mSATA, CFAST, CF, eUSB, M.2



ElectroCraft (and Hansen Motor)

Fractional horsepower motors and motion products. AC & DC motors, AC & DC gear motors,

brushless, servos, gearboxes, stepping motors, linear actuators, motor drives,

motor generators, speed/stepping/position controls, speed sensors.


Taiwan Semiconductor

Power discretes:  rectifiers, diodes, thyristors, MOSFET’s, transistors

Hall Effect sensors, IGBT’s, voltage references, LED drivers


TDK Lambda 

Power solutions for industrial, communications, commercial and COTS applications.

AC/DC power supplies: Open frame/encased, modular, programmable, DIN rail, PCB mount

DC/DC isolated and non-isolated (Point of Load)


Develops, manufactures and markets lithium batteries such as ION and polymer rechargeable,

battery pack assembly and military batteres.


Thermal Solutions

Aavid Thermacore
Integrated Thermal Solutions: Custom Heat Pipes, Vapor Chambers,
Pumped Liquid Systems, Cooling Solutions & Heat Exchangers

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