What is Cover 2?


We are routinely asked "What is a Cover 2?" and we attempt to answer that question here.


The Cover 2 is a defensive scheme used often in the sport of American football.  In its' purest form, the Cover 2 is a zone scheme in which every defender is responsible for a specific area of the field. The two safeties, playing well off the line of scrimmage, cover the deep passing routes and each additional member of the defense has responsibility for another specific area of the field.  One player on the defense (often the middle linebacker) is the "captain" of the defense and it is he who directs the strategy for the rest of the defense.

After the play begins, each defender keeps aware of football and reacts quickly to it, be it a run or a pass. The Cover 2 scheme works best when out-fitted with high-energy personnel that excel at responding quickly in attacking the ball, but who can also identify rapid changes in the play and adapt quickly.  When staffed with experienced, skilled personnel, the Cover 2 defense is adaptable to the myriad formations and schemes brought forth by the competition. And when executed properly, the Cover 2 is unbeatable.


Cover 2 Sales brings the same philosophy to sales representation. Led by successful, experienced managment, Cover 2 Sales is able to blanket the local geogrpahy with unparalleled sales coverage. And by re-investing our revenues in experienced personnel, we field a strong team that can rapidly respond to the ever-changing needs of our principals and customers.


Cover 2 Sales, Inc. truly is the unbeatable sales representation option!

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